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Our Roamin’ Holiday Is Getting Closer

Carolyn retires at the end of June. For 20 years, all our vacations have been planned around her school schedule. Now for the first time in a long time, we get to go where we want, when we want. We … Continue reading

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Constitution 2.0

Most people don’t know that those who wrote the United States Constitution never expected it to last more than a decade or two. They thought it was more of a rough draft, a framework to get the new nation off … Continue reading

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Leaf Peeping, 2105 Edition

This is a good time of year to live in New England. We have been blessed with wonderful weather since Labor Day — lots of warm days and cool nights. Last Saturday, we put the top down on the Miata … Continue reading

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The Patriots Are Going All The Way, Baby!

Predictions are funny things. If you don’t make them before events take place, it’s too late later to say, “Oh, yeah. I knew that was going to happen.” Any fool can make a prediction after the fact; it takes someone … Continue reading

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Four Men And A Boat

  On the Wednesday after Labor Day, I went sailing from Newport to Block Island with three other men, Pete Noonan, Ken Anderson and Steve Carney. Back in the early 60’s, we all went to school together at Moses Brown … Continue reading

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Remembering Alex

More than a decade ago, I was an active member of an online forum with a focus on the cars. One day, a new member joined the group. He said he was from a town called Annecy in France, not … Continue reading

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Blue Moon, July, 2015

Technically speaking, a blue moon is the second full moon to occur in a single month. July 31, 2015 was just such an occasion. Our moon doesn’t get much love these days. Our attention is focused on Mars and Pluto … Continue reading

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Blogging For Fun And Profit

  Hello, everybody. It has been seven months since I posted anything here on my blog. That’s because I have been busy posting things on other people’s blogs. And getting paid for it! It all started in May, 2014 when … Continue reading

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Anti-Drunk Driving Systems

America has always had a fairly tolerant attitude toward drunk driving. Back when I first started driving (way last century!) cops would escort drivers who had too much to drink back to their homes and stand guard outside to make … Continue reading

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Rescuing Old Slides

Amazingly enough, there was a time before digital cameras when we used to take actual photographs. Over the years, I took thousands of photos with my beloved Minolta SRT 101 camera. I always preferred slides, because you could project them … Continue reading

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