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Sixty Years Ago

1958. That’s when Ken Anderson and I began sailing in night races at Edgewood Yacht Club in our Beetle cat boats. The Beetle is perhaps the safest boat of all to learn how to sail. Two halyards, a main sheet, … Continue reading

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The Flames Next Door

Carolyn and I are fans of the Moth Radio Hour on NPR where real people stand up before a live audience and tell a story from their life. Some are funny. Some are poignant. Some offer insights into our relationships … Continue reading

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Catching Up With The Hanley Clan In Sydney

Carolyn and I spent most of January lolling on the beach in ¬†Australia and visiting the Hanley clan at their digs in the Pyrmont section of Sydney. Mostly, we got to spend time with the two grandkids, Helena, age 6, … Continue reading

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Discovering Cinque Terre, The Italian Riviera

We ended our Italian holiday with a 5 day visit to Cinque Terre — 5 historic villages clinging to the hillsides that rise up from the Mediterranean Sea on Italy’s west coast between Genoa and Rome. These ancient villages are … Continue reading

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In Which We Stumble Upon Lake Maggiore

From Lake Orta, we intended to go to Maranello to visit the home of Ferrari. The day before leaving, we sat down with Wanderio — a fabulous app that instantly reveals how to get from anywhere to somewhere else anywhere … Continue reading

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Isola San Giulio

Just a few hundred yards offshore from Orta stands Isola San Giulio. Built as a monastery, it was once controlled by the diocese of Sardinia, back in the days before the unification of Italy. Today, it still houses an order … Continue reading

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Leaf Peeping, 2105 Edition

This is a good time of year to live in New England. We have been blessed with wonderful weather since Labor Day — lots of warm days and cool nights. Last Saturday, we put the top down on the Miata … Continue reading

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Sydney Is Simply Stunning

Sydney, Australia is one of the world’s great cities. It has a beautiful harbor like San Francisco, a thriving¬† Chinatown like New York, a mix of old and new architecture like London, and a vibrant performing arts culture like Paris. … Continue reading

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Car Of The 21st Century

Every once in a while, a race car comes along that not only changes the game, it rips up the rule book and throws it in the trash.¬† Up until 1965, the Indianapolis 500 was dominated by big, bulky, front … Continue reading

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