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Waiting to pick up my granddaughter after school last week, I noticed all the other 1st graders pouring out of the building with Indian headresses made from colored paper just like the ones I made when I was in the … Continue reading

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The Darkest Evening Of The Year

One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost’s “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening”. In it, Frost makes reference to the Winter Solstice, the day in the northern hemisphere with the least amount of daylight. Whose woods these are … Continue reading

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The Wishbone Connection

2500 years ago, the Etruscans, who lived in what is now Italy, believed the breastbone of a chicken, called the furcula or “little fork”, had magic predictive powers. They transferred that belief to the Romans, who carried it with them … Continue reading

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The Magic Loogie

50 years ago today, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Afterwards, the government convened a distinguished panel, known as The Warren Commission, to analyze the shooting and determine who was responsible for Kennedy’s death. Millions of man-hours later, the … Continue reading

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