About Me

Miata 1Hi. My name is Steve Hanley. I live with my wife, Carolyn, and my Golden Retriever, Max, in a restored fishing camp on a lake in northwest Rhode Island. I have been a “car nut” since 1952 when a neighbor took me for a ride in his Jaguar XK 120. I couldn’t see over the dashboard, but I remember the smell of hot oil and leather, the sound of the exhaust and the feel of the wind in my face.

Ever since, I have wanted to drive places – anywhere and at any time. When others fly, I plan a road trip. I have explored all of New England, crisscrossed Nova Scotia and driven to DisneyWorld more times than I can count. I have visited Hawaii and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, Australia and Mexico. A year ago, I went to Nashville to drive a vintage Citroen rally car from the Lane Motor Museum. Recently, I drove from Geneva to Monaco and back through the French Alps with a friend in his diesel powered Opel Meriva.Citroen Rally Car

I have owned several MG’s, fiddled with stubborn bolts in mid-winter and glided along shore roads in my Miata in the summer. According to my insurance company, I have owned more than 40 vehicles in the past 30 years. I guess you could say that driving is in my blood.

Tatra At The LaneWhile my life is centered on things automotive, I occasionally think great thoughts while behind the wheel – thoughts about world peace, the state of democracy in America and whether the Red Sox will ever win another World Series. I like to write it all down as I go and now, thanks to the internet, I can share my musings with you, just as you can share your thoughts with me.

My blog features posts about the world of cars and transportation, with occasional critical looks at the human condition from my perspective. Elsewhere on this site you can go with me on one of many road trips, see lots of cool cars I have encountered along the way and learn about the two books I have written – so far. There is also a link to a forum where I spend entirely too much time discussing cars and car culture with kindred spirits. Please browse around and leave a comment or two any time the spirit moves you.  Thanks.

Charles Kuralt once said, “I see the road ahead is turning. I wonder what’s around the bend?” If I had to sum up my life in a few words, I couldn’t say it any better than that.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Steve,
    After reading your May 4, post on Musk I decided to take a closer look.
    I’ll be poking around your website and occasionally throwing a comment at you.
    Keep up the good work.

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