Road Atlanta Historics

Jag 4My first adventure with a historic racing weekend happened in 2004. I have a friend who lives outside Atlanta. We agreed to meet up for the weekend and hang out at Road Atlanta for the annual historics weekend.

What made it especially fun was that we wangled tickets for the event from AutoWeek magazine. And we got press credentials as well! There was, by our count, one other person there that weekend with a press pass, but we didn’t care. We were in our glory and enjoyed every minute.

In addition to the vintage race cars on hand, the parking areas were jam packed with cool cars of every description. We took tons of photos and then sent them to AutoWeek for inclusion in their website.

Along the way, my buddy Jim called the folks at Panoz automobiles, whose manufacturing facility and showroom is just up the road from Road Atlanta. Somehow, our press passes got us an extended tour of the factory.

For all the photos of the racing, click this link: Road Atlanta Historics

And for photos of the Panoz facility, click this link: Panoz Factory.


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