My Books

I am the author of two books, one a how-to manual for people who want to know more about doing a home exchange and the other a delightful children’s book I wrote for my grand kids.

The Successful Home Exchange

The hottest trend in travel today is the home exchange. How does it work? Simple. Find someone who has a home in a place you want to visit and exchange your house for theirs. They come feed your pets, water  your plants and clean your pool while you do the same for them. Your cost, after travel expenses? Nothing. How cool is that?


An exchange can be half way around the world or just a few towns over. We love going to the Newport. It has great beaches, tons of historic buildings, excellent restaurants and lots of shopping choices. We would love to own a home there so we would have a place to go back to when we leave the beach or finish dinner. But the price of homes is ridiculous and hotels are $400 a night in season. If we do a  home exchange, though, we get to sit on the beach all day and walk around Newport at night for nothing more than the cost of our food and parking at the beach.

The home exchange has also opened up vacation options that we would never have considered otherwise. Last year, exchanged with a couple who live on the Connecticut shore near New Haven. We had a wonderful week swimming and exploring new places.

Beach Panorama

And we used our hosts’ cruiser bikes to peddle down to the local ice cream emporium after dinner. One of the advantages of the home exchange is that you can prepare your own meals if you wish, instead of eating out all the time. That leaves money in the budget for more important things – like shopping!

The length of your stay is whatever you and your exchange hosts agree to. We have spent a week in Newport several times, a week in Charlotte, North Carolina, 9 days in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and a weekend in Brooklyn, among others.


Our experiences have taught us a lot about home exchanges. There are many benefits but a few pitfalls as well.  I have collected all that knowledge and put it into a book called “The Successful Home Exchange”. I have filled it with many valuable resources for intrepid travelers, such as how and when to exchange currency, how to rent a car overseas, how to obtain road maps for foreign countries and how to handle health issues while you are away.

There are also sample agreements for you and the people you intend to exchange homes with. And I have prepared an extensive checklist to make sure you have thought of everything before you lock your door and head for the airport.

My book is available at at this link: The Successful Home Exchange.

Babbitt Bunny

Babbitt Bunny lives in Hutchinson with his parents, BertBabbitt Bunny Cover and Bertha Bunny. Every day when Babbitt goes to school, he encounters new and strange bunnies. One has floppy ears while others another has gigantic ears that stick straight up.  And one has no tail at all! The bunnies don’t quite know what to make of it all. But in the end, Babbitt shows them how to work and learn together, because, as he says “After all, we are all rabbits.”

I was fortunate to have a neighbor who is an accomplished illustrator to do the graphics for me. It is a delightful short tale -you should pardon the pun – that offers a teaching moment to impressionable young minds. My grand kids loves this book and perhaps young readers in your house will too!

You can find it at at this link: Babbitt Bunny.


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