The Hot Seat Forum

A Friendly Place To Be.

Does this garage look like a place where you and your friends would like to hang out? It does to me. If you know the difference between a socket set and a lug wrench, come join people just like you at The Hot Seat Forum.  We love to talk about cars – street cars, racing cars, historic vehicles, and cars of the future.

Come on in, look around, and get comfortable. You will be among friends who think like you and who share your passion for the automotive scene. Add a comment, ask a technical question or browse our extensive photo collection of car shows and museums.

Like most folks, you probably have thoughts and opinions on other subjects, too. At The Hot Seat forum, we actually permit our members to express themselves on any subject. Just keep it civil and be respectful of those who have a different point of view. We look forward to hearing from you.


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