Cool Cars

This page is dedicated to the various historic and classic car events I have been to around the country and across the world. Follow the links below to see the photos I took along the way. And here’s a video taken from inside Le Grand Orange, the bright orange Citroen rally car I drove at The Rally For The Lane.


Historic weekends are where the real, hard core car folks go – people who love cars, any cars, the way the Irish love whiskey. It’s in our blood. It excites us in ways that remain a mystery to those not affected with the car lovers disease.

Please follow these links for more.

Allard 2

Allard J2 At The Glen

* Cars N Coffee
* Lane Motor Museum
* Lime Rock Historics
* Monaco Historics
* Putnam Custom Cars
* Road Atlanta Historics
* Watkins Glen Historics


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  1. Jason says:

    Awesome videos. 🙂

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