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We had to say goodbye to Max III today. For the past few weeks, he had been having difficulty getting up and down. His rear legs just didn’t seem to have enough strength to lift him. When we went to … Continue reading

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Waiting to pick up my granddaughter after school last week, I noticed all the other 1st graders pouring out of the building with Indian headresses made from colored paper just like the ones I made when I was in the … Continue reading

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November 11, 2014

Today is Veterans Day, the day when cemeteries all across America echo with brass bands, 21 gun salutes and the voices of politicians who dust off their finest patriotic rhetoric in praise of those who have died for our country. It … Continue reading

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Election Day

The American people have spoken. And what they have told us is, they want more Republicans in Washington. The leaders of the new Republican majority wasted no time in declaring that their first two legislative priorities are repealing Obamacare and overturning … Continue reading

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Closing Day

Opening Day at Fenway Park ushers in a new season of hope. As John Fogarty sings in  Centerfield, his iconic paean to baseball, “We’re born again. There’s new grass on the field.” On opening day in 2013, Red Sox Nation … Continue reading

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Getting On Track

And now for something completely different! A story of a man, his car and a race track full of tight, twisty turns. The challenge? Drive as fast as you dare without spinning off into the weeds. Technically, it’s a High … Continue reading

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On Acorns

The first acorn of the season fell this morning. It sounded like a pistol shot as it slammed into the deck outside my door. I looked up just in time to see the crown go rolling one way and the … Continue reading

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Summer Daze In Jamestown

We have some friends in Lincoln RI who love to bring their young children to our lake while we get away to their time share unit at the Bay Voyage in Jamestown. We have done this three times now and … Continue reading

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Shelter Island

Carolyn has family who live on Long Island and we like to get over that way once a year if we can. The eastern end of Long Island is divided into two forks that look sort of like a swallow’s … Continue reading

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Hanging Out In Bristol

Bristol, Rhode Island is one of the most picturesque communities in a state full of interesting cities and towns. It hosts the nation’s oldest and largest 4th of July parade and is festooned with flags, bunting and banners throughout the … Continue reading

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