Picking Apples With Teddy

DSC01511 (2)

Last weekend, we got to spend 4 days with Teddy, our 3 year old grandson. The featured activity for the weekend was apple picking. It didn’t take him long to get the hang of it. He picked nearly a half bushel by the time he was done!


Once we got home and hired a fork lift to get all the apples into the house, it was time to make apple pie. He’s a little young to be using a knife yet, so we put him to work washing the apples. Then he helped stir the sliced apples in a bowl so they got a nice coating of brown sugar and cinnamon before being folded into the pie crust.

Apple Pie

And when the pie was done, he helped eat it. He had some for desert and some for breakfast the next day. Then he had some for desert again the next night. As he was getting ready to return to his parent’s house in Providence, he wanted to know if there was any apple pie left over. Having just finished a breakfast of apple pancakes, it was no wonder the little guy was still hungry. After all, he’s just a growin’ boy.

Who loves apples!


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2 Responses to Picking Apples With Teddy

  1. Linda Clarke Reinert says:

    Ahhha…apple picking in Rhode Island. Only a true Yankee eats apple pie for breakfast but a damn Yankee has a slice of cheddar on the side. Makes me think of my Grandfather Howard who lived all his life in Gloucester. He never had apple pie without the cheese. Really enjoy your New England stories. Wish I were there!! Linda Clarke Reinert

    • Steve Hanley says:

      Thanks, Linda. I often think of your mother’s stories about growing up and going to school in Harmony. And yes, a slab of pungent cheddar does go very nicely with a slice of fresh baked apple pie!

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