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I love Fall when the forests turn to flame during foliage season. Scientists tell us that the reds and oranges of Autumn are always present in the leaves of the trees. They are just covered up by the green of the chlorophyll produced by photosynthesis . When the warm days and cool nights of September cause the growing process to shut down for the winter, the green fades and lets the other colors shine through.


Every year, the media astound us with photographs taken from helicopters of the foliage here in New England. People come from far and wide to see the hills of Vermont and New Hamphire ablaze in color. Hoards of “leaf peepers” in Winnebagos inundate the local highways and byways, cameras in hand,  in search of the perfect foliage photo.

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But I don’t have a helicopter or a Winnebago, so you will have to be content with a collection of pictures I have taken locally with my trusty Sony. Many are of the view out my window, where the colors march down the shores of the lake in an annual riot of crimson and gold that changes almost daily.


There is one other delight that is unique to living in New England, and that is going off in search of fall colors on a sunny October day in the Miata, top down, with the aroma of wood smoke in the air and finding a roadside stand somewhere you have never been before that is selling freshly squeezed apple cider. Pure bliss!


Hope you enjoy the show. And if you are in the area, stop by and share a glass of cold cider with us as we sit on the deck and watch the leaves turn to russet, magenta, yellow and orange right before our eyes. Did I mention that I love Fall?


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