Formula One At Austin

Next weekend, Formula One racing returns to the US for the first time since 2006. A brand new racing facility has been constructed outside Austin, Texas to host the event for the next 10 years. Herman Tilke has been retained once again to design the course, but this time, the redoubtable Mr. Tilke has included something not seen in his other race track designs – elevation changes!

All the teams come to the event on an equal footing. No one has ever raced on this track before, so there is no data from prior years to help set the cars up properly. Which means, the three practice sessions on Friday and Saturday will be a frenzy of activity, as the teams struggle to understand the new circuit.

Who will get the set-up right and surge to pole position in qualifying? Who will guess wrong and languish at the back of the field? And when the field roars away from the starting line, will there be  collisions between the drivers at Turn One?

Go to the Austin F1 thread at The Hot Seat forum right now and make your predictions for the race weekend. Then join us after the race for the cheers and tears from the members. See you there!


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