Weekend At Lime Rock

Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock Park is one of America’s oldest race tracks. Nestled in the Litchfield Hills in northwestern Connecticut, it offers fans a chance to see racing up close from many different vantage points.

The late John Fitch was one of the track’s founding fathers. Paul Newman lived a short helicopter ride away and raced at Lime Rock often, as did Sam Posey. Today it is owned by Skip Barber. I attended a driving school there 10 years ago and did an HPDE event there in 2011.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Carolyn and I did a home exchange with a couple who own a house about 30 minutes away. We spent the weekend at the track, watching historic and IMSA races and checking out an historic car show on Sunday.

Here are some of the photos from the racing on Saturday.

There were cool cars everywhere we looked on Sunday including a Stutz Black Hawk and a nicely restored Hudson Hornet.

On the way to the track on Sunday, we stopped for breakfast in the tiny hamlet of Cornwall Bridge on the New York border. The blueberry pancakes were superb!

What a great way to kick off the summer!


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3 Responses to Weekend At Lime Rock

  1. Jason says:

    Awesome photos! I’ve never visited Lime Rock. I’ve never visited Connecticut.

  2. c4tuna says:

    It’s hard to understand the topography of this area until you’ve visited it. Most people think of Connecticut as relatively flat, due to its southern shoreline. The northwest area of Connecticut, however, is comprised of many small mountains. Our home exchange was perched on the side of a high and winding road, in so that we could see over many treetops and watch thunderstorms roll in. The Lime Rock track itself is quite beautiful, due to the way its setting in a bowl among encroaching high hills allows the corners to roll and rise. If you haven’t been to this track, I recommend it to savor some small town scenery and compelling racing.

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