What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Ogunquit Beach

For the past several years, our last big vacation of the season has always been a trip to Ogunquit, Maine, home of the world’s only moveable beach. When the 9 foot tides roll in, the beach is completely submerged. As the tide ebbs, shallow pools of water, warmed by the sun, become ideal fonts for kids to splash and play. A paved walkway borders the craggy Maine coastline between Ogunquit and nearby Perkins Cove, where numerous excellent restaurants serve up some of the best seafood to be found anywhere.

Sunrise In Cape Neddick

Sunrise In Cape Neddick

This year turned out a little different, though.  Using our membership at HomeExchange.com, we arranged to stay in a 200 year old house on the Cape Neddick River, just a few miles south of Ogunquit. We went kayaking at dawn, spent time basking in the sun on Long Sands Beach just down the coast, or just watched as the tide rolled into and out of the river.

Cape Neddick At Dawn

View From Our House In Cape Neddick At Dawn

I was able to make a few photographs as the sun was rising over the Atlantic one morning. The Cape Neddick house was very special, the kind of place that refreshes the spirit and restores the soul.

Sheepscot Lake

Sunrise On Sheepscot Lake

We also made a journey to see friends on Sheepscot Lake, a tranquil, serene oasis nestled in the rolling hills of eastern Maine. Once again, I roused myself out of bed to go out in a hayak at sunrise to take photos while the lake was shrouded in mists. Judge for yourself whether my early morning activities were worth the effort.


Kayaks Waiting In The Sun

We were gone for over a week. We read and swam and kayaked and soaked up the sun. When you live in New England, you learn to savor times like these, times that you will remember with fondness when the winter winds howl and the snow swirls outside your window.

Cape Neddick House

The House In Cape Neddick

All in all, we judged this to be our favorite home exchange so far. I wonder how we will ever top this?



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