EPA Enters MPG Flap

A few days ago, I wrote that Consumer Reports and other testers have found Ford’s fuel economy claims for its Fusion hybrid and C Max hybrid to be wildly optimistic in real world driving. Ford says they should get 47 mpg. But Consumer Reports could only manage 32 – 39 mpg in its tests. And Edmunds InsideLine.com got only 33 mpg in 400 miles of driving.

Now the EPA has taken notice of the controversy and is looking into whether Ford has engaged in chicanery to arrive at its published claims. Ford says it is “cooperating fully”, which in corporate speak means “We admit nothing and have done nothing wrong!”

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid

In an article published today, InsideLine says it is common knowledge that the EPA fuel economy figures will be about 20% less in actual driving. Funny, the salesmen in the showrooms never tell their customers that. So it may be common knowledge in the industry but I suggest it is not common knowledge among the car buying public.

Ford C Max Hybrid

Ford C Max Hybrid

Of course, an informed person might well ask “Why have the EPA numbers at all if they are merely theoretical?” Proponents answer that at least they provide some basis for comparison between vehicles.

As in all things, caveat emptor. Some things never change.

Photos: InsideLine.com


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