Great Minds Run In Great Circles

Hi, there. Welcome to my blog. What follows is a collection of thoughts culled from my daily experiences. It seems much of my life has involved cars – buying cars, fixing cars, driving cars, going on road trips and such.

018 (2)I like to blog about the world of automobiles and the subtle way their role in society is changing. But I am not a “one trick pony”. I think about other things, too. When that happens, I might blog about what’s happening in politics or technology or…..well, you just never know what my brain might come up with. I sure don’t !

Please feel free to look around. There are links to many of my travels and road trips. There are also links to the two books I have authored and to a chat room where I waste far too much time. You’re welcome to drop in over there and join the discussions.

If you like what you see and want to leave a comment about any of my posts, please do. Thanks for visiting!


About Steve Hanley

Totally enamored with my family, my grandkids, and seeing the world.
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