Last Samba In Sao Paulo

Next weekend, the Formula One circus travels to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the last race of the 2012 season. Sebastien Vettel leads the driver’s championship by 13 points. And while it is Thje race track at Sao Pauloalways good to be leading, with 25 points available to the winner, Vettel is no shoe-in for the title.

Fernando Alonso has shown a remarkable ability to take his Ferrari from far down the starting order and muscle it forward through the field to finish on the podium. Accordingly, many observers rate him as the best of the current drivers. His forward progress through the field race after race truly is remarkable.

Alonso was taken out of two races by early crashes that were not his fault. But for those non-finishes, he could have been the driving champion this year. Lewis Hamilton also had a fraught season, with a few untimely penalties and reliability issues attributable more to his McLaren team than to any failings on his part. And Vettel suffered a catastrophic failure in Fernando Alonsohis Red Bull race car while leading a race. All of which means any one of these three drivers could have notched a WDC title, but for racing luck that sometimes turned against them.

The Grand Prix in Brazil is traditionally the last race of the season. Several times the finishing order in Sao Paulo has determined the driving championship for that year. Fans well remember a few years ago when Brazil’s own Felipe Massa appeared to win the title at his home race, only to have it snatched away from him on the last corner of the last lap.

Wet races often lead to unexpected and unpredictable results. Brazil has a reputation for being a rain race. Will it rain this weekend in Brazil? Will Vettel hold on to notch his third straight driving title? Or will Alonso force his way past Vettel on the track and take home the crown? The only thing we know for sure is that every fan will be glued to the television screen for this one.
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